30 August 2017

NEWS: Own your own NASA-like rover

Rolling rolling rolling...

You might not yet be able to explore the moon or Mars, but thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign you could soon be exploring the nooks and crannies of Earth. The Turtle Rover is currently seeking backing on the crowd-funding website to fund the production run of a portable, wireless, and modular rover robot.

The Turtle Rover, which can be controlled via the forthcoming Turtle app, comes as standard with a camera and robotic arm. The waterproof body features rocker-bogie suspension and a battery for up to four hours of continuous driving. However, that arm can be swapped out an replaced with whatever the user needs, including a DSLR camera, lights, radar, and even an airsoft gun.

The Turtle Rover is also open-source, so coders and tinkerers can open it up and programme it to do whatever they need it to. The go-anywhere build means it could also be used in rescue situations, underground explorations, and to get a camera somewhere the photographer can't get themselves. It all looks really interesting, so if you're interested in backing the project, pledges start from 1497.

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