31 August 2017

NEWS: This artificial womb is creepy AF

Gives 'home birth' new meaning.

If you want to have a baby, but don't like the idea of having to grow another human inside of your uterus, you're in luck. According to the concept device Par-tu-ri-ent, we'll soon be able to grow our babies in a gadget in the living room. Handy. And creepy.

The oddly named Par-tu-ri-ent is a reaction to the increased popularity of surrogacy, and a general desire to not let pregnancy slow you down, it has been created by Dr Jorean de Ridder of University Medical Centre Utrecht. He says"Par-tu-ri-ent paints a picture of scientific progress that has taken such a leap it becomes uncomfortable. It makes you realize that - as is true for many changes is the world - this picture may be less unrealistic than one might think and step-by-step we may cross boundaries that we are unwilling to cross if asked today."

Certainly that lack of comfort is reinforced by the oddness of the concept video (that couple creep us out), and the idea that you can wear a portable device that mimics the movements of the baby in the pod at home is just frightening. But hey, although it was created to show how potentially negative this kind of baby making could be, it might still be possible at some point in the future.

Find out more at www.parturient.artez.nl

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