31 August 2017

REVIEW: 1More H1707 Headphones

Maybe just 1More...

Who? What? We know, we know... Chinese brand 1More are a new one on us, too, but after trying a pair of their headphones out for a fortnight, they are definitely ones to watch in future. Saving our phones' batteries for a while by leaving Bluetooth turned off, we test the 1More H1707 Headphones.

Yep, these are wired over-ear headphones. Some of you might be turning your noses up at that, especially since every headphone maker worth their salt seems to be pushing Bluetooth as standard these days. But hold your horses, Wireless William, as the 1More H1707 Headphones plough all their cleverness into reproducing incredible sound in a surprisingly tight package.

The full name of these headphones is actually the 1More H1707 Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones. What that means is that they are specifically designed for use with high resolution media files, as the drivers can reach 40kHz. We don't fully understand what that means exactly, but from testing we've discovered that using them to listen to crappy streamed music on YouTube is a bit of a waste.

The 1More H1707 Headphones have been tuned by a Grammy Award-winning Sound Engineer, Luca Bignardi. That means that someone who listens to and produces high-def music for a career has decided exactly how these headphones reproduce your tunes, tinkering with the output until satisfied. If that isn't enough to nab the interest of audiophiles, the included cable, which splits to dedicated left and right channels, is 99.99% oxygen-free copper. Which, again, we don't fully understand, but is apparently very good as cables go.

But anyway, here's what we do understand: the folding design and included hard carry case (yes!) makes stowing the 1More H1707 Headphones very easy, despite their relatively large opened-up form factor. They fit comfortably, totally surrounding even the biggest ears at Test Pit Towers, and the flexible and padded headband makes adjustments a breeze.

And the sound... wow. Like we said, if you're buying these for the casual listening to of YouTube or hastily ripped mp3 files on your phone, great. But you'll be missing out on what the 1More H1707 Headphones can actually achieve, and we heartily recommend you use them for better-than-CD-quality tracks and media, as the level of detail they can reproduce was astonishing. The first time we used them on such a track, we had to check the press release to see if we'd misread the price. These things cost just shy of £200, but they sound like headphones that we've reviewed previously that pushed £500.

Seriously, they sound so slick and capable, and it reminded us that no matter the super high def quality of your media files, if you don't have headphones to match you'll be missing out on so much detail and depth. That is exactly what the 1More H1707 Headphones deliver.

So although a relatively unheard of name (here in the UK, that is) we fully recommend that you look into 1More and their range of headphones. If you need something powerful to lounge back in and get lost in your favourite audio worlds, these are the headphones for you, pal.


Visit uk.1more.com

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