1 September 2017

NEWS: LEGO's new Millennium Falcon is 7500 pieces!

But its another Millennium Falcon

Happy Force Friday! Although today is the day that all the toy makers reveal their new products for the upcoming Star Wars film this December, all eyes seem to be on LEGO. Despite bringing out several new The Last Jedi sets, the most news worthy release is the Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon... weighing in at 7541 parts, making it LEGO's largest ever set.

But it's also LEGO's most expensive ever set, with the UK price currently set at £649, available from 1st October. The set looks incredible, obviously, and the level of detail is phenomenal, with interior as well as exterior. However, and we don't mean to piss on anyone's parade, but we can't help but feel slightly disappointed. We mean, there has already been a UCS Millennium Falcon, as well as several other smaller sets, including last Force Friday in 2015.

Also, the included minifigures don't seem particularly special, and the Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewie and C-3PO have all been seen before, as have the Episode VII Fin, Rey, old Han, and BB-8. There just isn't anything about this that excites us all that much, apart from the sheer scale of it.

And come on... £649! Shit. We get the impression that many of the sets will be purchased and kept unbuilt as, just like the previous UCS Falcon, it will only increase in value as time goes on, and stocks diminish. Altogether, the thing seems a bit... blah.

Still, if you're currently wetting yourself in excitement, you can find out more, and order your own, at shop.lego.com

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