14 August 2017

REVIEW: IFROGZ Impulse Duo Headphones

Double team.

Back in headphone land today, reviewing the latest tiny headphones from ZAGG's IFROGZ range. Bluetooth earbud-style headphones are very handy due to their size, but often disappoint in terms of sheer musical oomph. The Impulse Duo have been designed with audiophiles in mind, so how to they live up to the hype? Lets review the IFROGZ Impulse Duo Headphones.

So, these are Bluetooth buds. They are small, they are intended for in-ear listening, and they place the wireless transmitter and battery on a chunky hub half way along the wire. Nothing new there so far. However, the first thing that we noticed about the IFROGZ Impulse Duo Headphones was the way in which that hub connects to the two headphone wires. Instead of intending to hang on the wire, the hub has a dedicated magnetic clip, allowing it to be hooked onto you clothing and worn, quite like an iPod Shuffle or other small music player.

This clip is made from soft and bendy silicone, making it gentle to the touch, but strong enough to hang the headphones from. It also serves as a bloody handy cable organiser, as the wires can be wrapped around it before being closed. genius.

That hub, which features a Micro USB port for charging, houses a play/pause button, as well as a volume control. It has a rough, stone-like texture which gives it a pleasing matte look... something continued on the earphones themselves.

The IFROGZ Impulse Duo Headphones boast dual 6mm neodymium drivers in each bud, and you can even see them through the partially transparent section of the buds' casing. This is suppose to create a richer and deeper field of sound, but to be honest we weren't expecting too much considering that these retail for less than £45. But, hope springs, eh?

Connecting to them via Bluetooth was easy, and once streaming sounds from a phone the IFROGZ Impulse Duo Headphones actually performed excellently. We were quite surprised (but not blown away) by the sheer quality of the audio they reproduced, but to be fair the seal offered by the choice of three different sizes of buds certainly helped. But all genres sounded good, even spoken word tracks, and we were left feeling very happy with the results; even over prolonged periods.

They feel tough, the magnetic clip is a great idea, and the sound quality is better than what we expect for this price. For handy wireless buds to carry around, they are ideal.


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