17 July 2017

REVIEW: Mio MiVue C330 Dash Cam

Getting smaller.

Dash cams are shrinking. At least, that is what it feels like to us. Since we started reviewing these dash-based little pals years ago, the models we get seem to be getting smaller and smaller, while also coming packed with great features. One company that is smashing it in terms of making dash cams more convenient, is Mio, and lately we've been checking out their Mivue C330 Dash Cam.

This thing is wee. At just 65g in weight, and less than 4cm deep, it has to be the lightest and smallest dash cam we've ever seen. It shows in the packaging; the box is smaller than the box your phone came in, yet still includes a suction cup mount, cables, and documentation, as well as the cam. But if you though that Mio had therefore sacrificed top of the line specifications in order to make the C330 small, they ain't.

The Mio MiVie C330 Dash Cam records in 1080p at 30fps - exactly what you want form a dash cam. The lens can also capture in a 130 degree field of view, meaning the whole road ahead will appear in your footage, and partially that to the sides. As with most dash cams, it takes a Micro SD card, and you can set new footage to over-record the old, meaning you'll never have to physically erase video in order to make room. And that's it, right? That's all it can do?

Nope. As well as recording in full HD, the Mio MiVie C330 Dash Cam also boasts full GPS tracking. It will record your movements and save them to an accessible file, so you can prove where you were and when in the event of an accident or incident. Information about the position of your car on the road, and any suddenly jerks or movements will also be kept, thanks to the cam's in-built G-sensor - again, not something you normally find on a camera this small.

But that is not all. The Mio MiVie C330 Dash Cam also comes with speed camera warnings. It knows, thanks to a pre-programmed database, where all the speed cameras are, and issues warnings when you approach one. Now, we've written before about how we're not too keen on this feature on any driving gadget, purely because we worry that people who naturally speed use them to not be caught. However, if it is something you'd like to try, the C330 Dash Cam is pretty much the smallest gadget we've ever seen that carries it.

Mounting the cam on your windscreen is a simple job, aided in no small way by the diminutive proportions. We found it could fit as far behind the rear view mirror as anything can get, keeping as much of it as possible out of the sight-line of the driver. With the constantly connected power cord, and auto-on functionality, it really is the kind of thing you can forget about and trust to be working in the background all the time.

Small size, big picture, and extra features you wouldn't expect from a cam this size, we're huge fans of this thing and would recommend it both for those new to the world of dash cams, and for those looking for a smaller, more modern model.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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