17 July 2017

NEWS: Ditch your phone but keep your Spotify

Lighten the load.

If you can't live without Spotify, but have noticed that even your slim smartphone can't be taken everywhere, this could be the device for you. Mighty is a small music player designed to sync with your Spotify account on your phone, allowing you to transfer up to 1000 songs over to it. You can then listen to them on the move WITHOUT  a connection to the internet.

Obviously, the promo video above over stresses how awkward it can be to exercise with a phone strapped to you, put it does have a point. As well as exercise, it demonstrates how you might also want music during potentially hazardous activities, like snowboarding, when its probably best to leave your smartphone at home. But, most crucially, this gives you mobile access to your Spotify account when you don't have access to the internet.

Check it out, at bemighty.com

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