18 July 2017

NEWS: Ataribox looks like this... and that is all we know

SNES Mini killer?

When last month we reported that classic gaming company Atari were getting back into console making, all the details about the Ataribox were a complete mystery. However, now that images of the compact console have been released... we still dont know a bloody thing.

Atari released a few images of the Ataribox, showing it will come in two versions; one with a wood-effect front panel, and one in what we assume is black plastic. But this release is purely one to tease the aesthetics, as there are no details on specs, games it will play, price, and timings for releases. Nowt.

In a statement, an Atari spokesperson said: “We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, pricing, timing. We’re not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we’ve opted to share things step by step as we bring this to life, and to listen closely to the Atari community feedback as we do so.”

Fair enough. The Ataribox does look gorgeous though, especially the wooden version. Thing is, we're still not sure on the scale of the device: is it the same size as a modern living room console, or is this thing only as big as your phone? Looks like we'll have to wait longer to find out.

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