26 July 2017

REVIEW: KitSound Slam 2 Wireless Speaker

Slam dunk.

We return once more to a category which, when taking the entire site into account, is probably winning. The choice of portable Bluetooth speakers out there is overwhelming, with models coming all shapes and sized (and prices). However, not all Bluetooth speakers are made equal, but one company who scores consistently high in our book is KitSound. We check out their latest portable music offering, the Slam 2 Wireless Speaker.

In terms of headlines to boast about, there isn't a massive amount of difference here than with other similarly priced speakers. But (and this is a pretty significant but) the KitSound Slam 2 Wireless Speaker is notable for being waterproof. The speaker has a moisture protection of IPX4, which basically means it is splash proof. For the summer this means it is ideal for around the pool and at kids parties in the paddling pool, and in colder months it means you can take this outside into damp conditions. IPX4 essentially says it can get wet - for a very short while - but can't be submerged in water.

That's pretty awesome, and we've never seen a waterproof speaker of this size at this prize. However, that is not all, as the KitSound Slam 2 Wireless Speaker is also surprisingly powerful. With a 14W output, combined with passive bass radiator, it packs quite the punch. Placed on a surface like a table the sheer amount of bass was extremely impressive - again, far better than we were expecting for this price.

The body of the KitSound Slam 2 Wireless Speaker has a soft-touch texture, and it feels as if it would be very hard to scratch it while in transit. On that note, despite the overall power it is definitely something that can be easily carried around in one hand, or dropped into your bag. We felt it resembled a miniaturised version of one of KitSound's larger and more expensive sound systems; certainly it retains KitSound's stark, rounded, and minimalist aesthetic.

Connecting via Bluetooth was nothing to write home about (as it shouldn't be in 2017), and the onboard rechargeable battery will give you about eight hours of playback. The charging Micro USB port (along with an aux-in for wired connections) sits behind a beefy rubber seal, to remind you of the speaker's waterproof qualities. Oh, and there is also a full sized USB port there, as you can also charge your phone from it, too. Nice extra touch there, guys.

And that's it really. The KitSound Slam 2 Wireless Speaker is a solid, powerful, and versatile sound system. Being able to take it out into the garden and not fear a sudden downpour of rain has been great, while having so much oomph from a speaker this small has been awesome.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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