27 July 2017

NEWS: Gucci's Star Trek inspired fashion

It's fashion Jim, but not as we know it.

We're pretty excited for the forthcoming new Star Trek TV show, Discovery. However, it seems that one of the world's biggest fashion houses, Gucci, is also staffed by Trekkies, as their Fall/Winter 2017 line of clothing is... well... out of this world.

The new line of items takes heavy influence from both the 1960s and Star Trek, blending a weird retro aesthetic with campy Sci-Fi. The result? Really fucked up, if you ask us. Check this out, shot my filmmaker Glen Luchford:

We don't get it. Which are the clothes that you can buy? Can you buy any of them? Does the make up and stuff come with it; like, will you actually look like that silver dude if you buy their clothes? We're very confused. Fashion is confusing.

Still, a lot about the range, and that promo vid, pulls at the nostalgia strings which we're okay about. We're not sure we'd ever wear any of it, but we're guessing most of the clothing costs more than the actual original run of Star Trek back in the 60s. See more teaser images on Gucci's Instagram. If you want.

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