25 July 2017

REVIEW: Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

On reflection...

Mirrors are hardly groundbreaking technology. We've been peering at our own gorgeous mugs since we could first make a smooth surface shiny, but the humble mirror has never really had an app-enabled upgrade. Until today. Giving us yet another reason to stare in wonder at how damn sexy we all are, we check out the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro.

From the outside this looks very much like a normal, but pretty, adjustable bathroom mirror. You probably already own one and use it for anything from shaving and combing your hair, to plucking your eyebrows and squeezing your spots. No judgement here. However, the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro is more than a reflective surface, as this thing not only features built-in lights, a removable close-up mirror, and a motion sensor, but it's also got WiFi. Eh?

The main mirror surface is slightly concave producing a smooth 5x magnification. As the glass is smooth and flawless, the reflected image is clean and very sharp... helped massively when you get close to it. Once charged up via Micro USB (charger included) bright LED lights will spring to life around the edge of the mirror, casting piercing light onto your mug. Fully charged, the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro will last about a month before requiring more juice (depending on use), but it means it is completely wireless and can therefore be moved around the house.

But, if 5x magnification just isn't good enough for you, and you reeeeeeally need to see a lot closer, spin the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro around. On the rear you'll find another mirror, but this one is detachable, connected as it is by magnets. Yank it off and place it onto the main mirrored surface. Magnets there will keep it in place, and this new addition offers magnification of 10x. Which is a bit mental.

However, the true magic of the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro is not the reflection, nor is it the motion sensor activation. It possesses WiFi so it can connect to the dedicated Simplehuman app (iOS and Android). In the app you can get creative with the light itself, altering the temperature and brightness to replicate different situations. There are preset conditions that you can activate, or you can use your phone to get a light reading so the mirror will match it. If you only use the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro to check your face, you might not care about this. But - as Simplehuman intend - if you're using it to apply make-up, getting a truer representation of the colour makes all the difference.

And that's what the real benefits to all this will be; make up. However, the fact that the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro lights up when you look at, features a four week-life battery, and the detachable 10x magnification mirror, makes it a very useful tool for a modern home regardless of your use of make-up.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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