14 May 2017

NEWS: Marty McFly's self-drying jacket is real!

You're jacket is now dry.

Flying cars... we've got 'em. Kinda. Hover boards... we've got 'em. Kinda. It seems that real life is quickly catching up to the technology featured in Back to the Future 2, and we're very glad of it. However, one thing we've never tried is a jacket that can dry itself. Until now! Introducing the Falyon Wearable Tech SDJ-02 Climate Controlled jacket. Check this out:

Awe. Some. Not only is it styled after the jacket from BTTF2, but it can also do more, and we're pleased to see that you can charge your gadgets from the power pack that we assume also powers the dryer/fan. We're not sure how often you'll actually need to dry your jacket while wearing it, or indeed use it to cool off (coz just remove the jacket, yeah?) but the heater seems like a great idea.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, you can find out more about the Falyon Wearable Tech SDJ-02 Climate Controlled jacket, and back the project, at www.kickstarter.com

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