15 May 2017

NEWS: Robot birds take flight at airports

Bird is the word.

Birds can be a real problem at airports, and not just because they shit on the first class lounge window. As well as being a major threat to aircraft by way of 'bird strikes', they also cause damage to important radar and communications systems. Modern airports use an array of technologies to keep winged bandits at bay, from ultrasonic alarms to lasers, but birds seem to be able to find a way about these. So send in the robots.

Clear Flight Solutions make drones that mimic the appearance and movements of real birds; hawks and eagles to be precise. Edmonton Airport in Canada is the first in the world to employ the so-called Robirds into their daily runway activities, flying one to scare off other flocks of troublesome birds. Check this out:

The Robirds do indeed look a lot like real hawks, especially while in flight, and as the video explains, the continued presence of one of these things will put other birds off from entering the area. Also, what a cool job - 'Oh hi, yeah I'm just gonna fly my bird drone around for a bit. Money please.'

Find out more about Robird and Clear Flight Solutions at www.clearflightsolutions.com

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