19 April 2017

REVIEW: Terraillon Web Coach Prime

Weighing in...

During our January Club fitness specials we checked out a connected kitchen scale, the Terraillon NutriTab, designed for keeping track of what goes into your body. Now we're looking at another Terraillion smart scale, one intended for your whole body. We review the Terrailon Web Coach Prime.

Just like the Withings Smart Body Analyzer we reviewed a few years back, the Web Coach Prime is a set of scales with traditional stylings that wirelessly connect to a smartphone app to display more than just your weight. In fact, it will let you in on your BMI, muscle mass, fat percentage, and also the mass of your bones. This info will then be stored in the Terraillon Wellness Coach app (iOS & Android) so you can track it.

But why? Well, if you're working out for looking to improve your fitness and general health, just checking to see how heavy you are can be misleading. As you exercise you might be losing fat, but you'll also be gaining muscle, meaning weight indicators can be confusing and some people might actually see an increase in their weight after working out for a while.

The Terrailon Web Coach Prime cuts right through all of that confusion by clearly displaying what it is that is making up your body's total weight, tracking increases in muscle and loss of fat (or vice versa!). Obviously weight is measured by the pressure applied to the glass platform, but how does it work out what makes up that weight? We never knew knew this, but smart scales such as this use bioelectrical impedance analysis to pass an electric current through your feet and into your body. It then measures the current to work out what your body is made from, as fat, bone, muscle, and water all conduct electricity differently.

So there you have it. However, using the Terrailon Web Coach Prime is a lot simple then getting your head around that, as you really do just step on, wait a second or two, then check out the readings. The scale itself will display weight on the LCD screen as default, so you can just use it as conventional scales should you wish. All the additional data will be sent via Bluetooth to your phone, and again this is a very quick process. Use it daily and you can track your progress.

Fortunately the Terrailon Web Coach Prime can be linked to more than just one app, meaning one unit will do for the whole family. Each time you step on your phone will connect to it automatically. So hopefully no crossed info will show up in your app.

The Terrailon Web Coach Prime looks great and the data it brings up is genuinely useful for those trying to improve their health. We also like the fact that, even without an app, it still functions as a bathroom scale, so adding this to your bathroom will benefit everyone. Decent price, too.


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