19 April 2017

NEWS: Why wouldn't you build a robot that shoots a laser in your eye?

Wholesome fun.

This is Michael Reeves. Michel is clearly a very intelligent 19 year old student who attends Northern Arizona University, majoring in Software Design. As you can see in the video below, Michael enjoys making things in his dorm room, and recently completed a very special project. It is a robot that tracks his face and shoots a laser directly into his eyeball. Fun times!

Why did he do this? Well, as he explains in the video: "It's an age-old question; is there a God? What is the meaning of life? And can I have a robot that recognises my face and shoots me with lasers in the eyeball?" Fair enough.

Michael is actually quite a funny young chap, and the video serves as a reminder that even with a torn pizza box and a cheap webcam, anyone can create something amazing. And dangerous.

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