20 April 2017

NEWS: Facebook wants you to type with your brain


No, Mark Zuckerburg isn't hoping that you start typing more intelligent status updates, but rather he's working on the ability for humans to type on a computer screen using only their brains. This touch-free method of data input is just one area of research Facebook is undertaking, and apparently the social media giant is closer to completion than you might imagine.

Facebook's work into mind-control typing is being assisted by more than 60 scientists from across the world, with the use of non-invasive sensors planned to be used in initial testing - as revealed at the recent F8 conference. However, the most unusual area of development is Facebook's idea to allow users to 'feel' sound, with electrodes connected to the skin transmitting sound waves as sensation waves. Already tests have shown that simple words can be understand via the skin. Creepy AF.

And why is Facebook doing all this? Is it trying to better humanity's understanding of ourselves... or is it attempting to get the millions of people worldwide who are illiterate to sign up to Facebook? It would be quicker to think a status update and 'feel' a reply than to learn how to read and write first. After all, Facebook is also working on drones that remotely broadcast the internet to the worlds' most remote regions, so...

There's your daily cynicism overload. You're welcome.

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