2 April 2017

REVIEW: Sitpack

Sit on this.

Every been stuck somewhere and needed a seat LIKE NOW? Sometimes you just really need a wee perch, to take the stress off your legs and back, and to relax for a few moments. Well, if that is the case, you no longer have to intimidate an old granny to get a bench at the park... you can just whip out your Sitpack. Which we did.

Sitpack is a telescopic seat that folds up to something the size of a drinks can, but provides a stable perch for even a hefty adult. It is fully plastic, but is tough, robust, and and strong enough to prop up your bum for a good long while.

Closed up, the Sitpack is almost the exact same dimensions as a large beer can. We were sent the camo-coloured one, but several other colours and designs are available. Once we were set for a sit, all we needed to do was split open the outer casing...

...pull out the telescopic sections, then twist them into the locked position. Once done, you have your own little perch.

Sitting on a Sitpack is surprisingly comfortable, and it does feel reliably solid despite being made from plastic. It features a rubber foot, so no matter what surface you open it on to perch, it grips well enough to keep you propped up.

"Hey, what's up babe? Oh this? Yeah, this is my Sitpack. Means I can sit down wherever the hell I want. Waiting in a queue at the Post Office, while out on a long walk, flying a drone... doesn't matter to me, babe; I can sit wherever I want. Impressed? Hello?"

"Oh hey. I'm just admiring nature... taking in the glory of the natural world. What's that? What am I sitting on? This is my Sitpack. Cool isn't it? I can pop it out wherever I fancy and take a load off. Comes in handy when I'm, like, thinking about stuff. Like the meaning of life. Would you like to sit on... hello?"

"Oh hey. Yeah, I'm just chillin' with the kids at the park. I'm too big to go down that slide with them, so I'm just gonna (sings) 'sit back on my Sitpack'. Yeah, it's a telescopic seat that I carry around with me wherever I go. Not just to the park, but also to weddings where there is usually a lot of standing around. No, I don't let my kids use it."

So... you'll either think this is the greatest invention ever, or a total waste of time and money. Walkers, golfers, hunters, older people with mobility issues, and office workers looking for an alternative to either fully sitting or fully standing all day, will love it. Others might not. However, Sitpack is strong enough to support both your body weight and your confidence, yet small enough to pack away into the drinks bottle pocket of your bag. A very cleverly designed bit of kit.


Visit sitpack.com

"Oh hey, I see you're checking out my ass, there..."

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