1 April 2017

NEWS: Build your own working Iron Man suit

Don't start a fight with The Hulk, though.

When we heard that a UK inventor had built his own flying Iron Man suit, we were pretty impressed. But then we realised he'd done it by sourcing all his kit from a company we've reviewed in the past (albeit in afar less exciting manner), RS Online.

Created by tinkerer Richard Browning, the suit - named Daedalus - uses four miniature gas turbine engines to give lift; enough to take Richard off the ground by a couple of feet. But as well as flying, the suit also uses a heads-up display in the form of Sony's SmartEyeGlass, providing Richard with all the info he needs, such as altitude, speed, and fuel.

Daedalus took 12 months to build, with Richard constantly dipping into RS Online's stock for parts. When we checked out their catalogue, we choose photographic equipment to help us film our YouTube content... perhaps we should have held out for a couple of arm-mounted jet engines!

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