3 April 2017

NEWS: The flying, driving delivery drone

Won't chop down your prize roses.

We've covered the rise of delivery drones many times on this site, detailing both flying and driving robots that are (and will) be used to make deliveries of products and food. However, a purely ground-based drone can't move very fast, while a flying drone is limited to where it can safety set down. So the answer? Combine to two to make a flying, driving delivery drone. That's what the AT Panther is.

Built by California-based Advanced Tactics, the Panther is a wheeled delivery bot with six link rotors. It is designed to fly close to the drop-off point, then land somewhere safe - like in a clear road - before completing the delivery on the ground. This means that homes which are inaccessible from the air, perhaps because of trees or being in a built-up area, will be able to receive a drone delivery.

Right now it is just a prototype, but having on these things land in the road in front of your car, before driving off to make a delivery, could soon be an everyday sight. And hey, as long as that pizza is still piping hot, we ain't complaining.

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