6 April 2017

REVIEW: Intempo WDS5 Bluetooth Headphones

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Slowly, but surely, many of us here The Test Pit are making a transition. But before you start writing that 'Congrats on changing genders' card, we are in fact referring to a certain kind of Bluetooth headphone style. Or are we? No, we are. To explain further, we review the Intempo WDS5 Bluetooth Headphones.

Big fans of Intempo here, the WDS5 are the smallest headphones we've ever seen from them (also the cheapest - currently only £9.99). They are of the in-ear wireless kind, being small ear buds connected only to themselves, featuring a bulbous connection and charging hub along the wire. We've reviewed a few pairs like this recently, the Urbanista Berlin, and the Jaybird Freedom, and all of us are coming to the realisation that this form of headphone is the best. But anyway, the WDS5s...

In the box, you get the headphones themselves and two extra pairs of gels to get the right size. They charge via USB and we were happy to see that the chunky hub has a Micro USB port, so you can plug any of the 6000 USB cables you own in to charge it. Many smaller Bluetooth 'phones like this use a unique charging cradle or dongle which can be easily lost, so full marks so far.

The in-ear buds are comfortable, and the choice of gels gives you enough of size variance to find a good and solid fit. The whole unit is light, so even if you just let the wire (and therefore the hub) dangle under your chin (as opposed to letting it hanging on the back of your neck) you won't notice any annoying weight.

That hub is a very simple affair, featuring only a volume rocker and a single (and easy to find without looking) button for answering calls. Coz Bluetooth, innit? On that note, this is Bluetooth 3.0 so nothing overly spectacular to write home about, but it will connect and pair super quick and then offer a range of up to ten metres. But as they will typically be used with your phone that's in you bag or pocket, nay worries bruv.

And the sound? Again, nothing overly incredible to write home about, but we weren't expecting all that much considering the price and materials. However, they do reproduce tunes very well and to a more than acceptable standard. All genres sounded fine, as did audio books and calls, and the sound never came through as 'cheap'. In fact, despite the small size and low price, these things sounded comparable to other on-ear or in-ear headphones that we have reviewed for the same or higher prices. And, y'know, these things wrap up to the same size as the wired headphones you got with your phone. So bonus.

Using them reminded us all just how much we favour convenience over head-blaster quality. Unless you are a total audiophile who only listens to music on something like this, getting a reliable and ultra portable pair of 'phones like these is pretty much all you'll ever need. This style of Bluetooth headphone is fast becoming our go-to type, and we're happy to welcome the Intempo WDS5 Bluetooth Headphones into the group. Check 'em out.

But if you prefer a true or genuine Bluetooth hearing device to experience stellar audio quality, then don’t take any chance and get only the best.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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