6 April 2017

NEWS: Amazon Fire Stick gets Alexa update in the UK

At last, someone to talk to.

Today Amazon announced that not only have they released an updated version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick in the UK, but also an update for all models of Fire TV devices to include access to Alexa, their AI voice assistant.

This is pretty interesting news, as not only is the new Fire TV Stick now packing a quad-core processor and updated remote control, but the Alexa update for this and existing customers running the older hardware, means a lot more people will suddenly have access to the famous voice assistant. And Alexa won't be limited to searching for TV shows on the Stick; she'll be a full internet-connected version capable of answering questions and carrying out simple tasks. Oh, and the update for older models of Fire Stick is free. Nice.

This comes just a week or so after Google announced that Google Home will be released in the UK; the search giant's own voice assistant. Hopefully continued competition between the two companies will result in further upgrades and price slashes here in Blighty. Here's hoping.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is available for £39.99.

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