7 April 2017

NEWS: No, you can't buy this exclusive LEGO Star Wars set

Because LEGO say so. So there.

Captured in 220 LEGO pieces is the Detention Block scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. The set contains Luke and Han in Stormtrooper uniforms, and the familiar surroundings of the moment they broke Princess Leia out of jail. It's a cute set and a cool diorama. But you can't buy it. Nope. Oh, and even if you did get the chance to buy it, it'll set you back $40 - which is a very bad price-to-part ratio.

The exclusive set was only available through the Star Wars Celebration event website, where several sets were raffled off. Winners were then able to purchase the set, which sounds like a pretty shit raffle to us. Still, those who did managed to bag one (the raffle was drawn today) will no doubt immediately stick them on Ebay. So if you really want this set, which would be easy as pie to replicate yourself using your existing LEGO brick collection, prepare to pay the big bucks.

Sighs all round on this one.

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