16 April 2017

REVIEW: Aldi Garden Maintenance Specialbuy Range

Getting set for summer.

You've ignored it for long enough, but now it is the time to think about your garden. After a whole winter of neglect it is now due a good going over; to get it clean, clear, and set for the coming sunny season. To that end Aldi have stepped up with another of their famous Specialbuy ranges, this time filled with useful and affordable goodies for the garden.

The Aldi Garden Maintenance Specialbuy Range, available in stores and online from 17th April 2017, is very much about the preparation our gardens require for the summer, and is therefore filled with heavy duty tools and handy accessories. Top of the list is a Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer (£79.99), a Pole Hedge Trimmer (£64.99), A Grass Trimmer (£39.99), a Hedge Trimmer (£39.99), and a Hover Mower (£29.99).

To supplement the big boys, the range also boasts a Wheelbarrow (£39.99), A Telescopic Tree Lopper (£9.99), Path & Border Edging (£9.99), a Barrel Planter (£8.99), a Kids' Gardening Set (£5.99), an array of seeds (£1.49 each), and a few other bits and bobs. As ever, Aldi were kind enough to bung us something from range to try out, and we were pretty happy with what we got.

Gardenline Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer

This garden tool is light, compact, and uses a rechargeable, removable battery for power. The half-metre long blade section is fully metal, while the main body and grip handles are a mix of plastic and rubber. It is easy to hold for long periods and feels nicely balanced in the hand. Those many bladed teeth can snip twigs of up to 15mm diameter, so this can be used to tackle thick and tough plants, as well as the typical leafy hedges.

It's also pretty quiet, which is something you might expect from Li-Ion powered gadget, but the blades whiz by each other without a racket. Because of that it isn't any bother at all to quickly whip the Gardenline Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer out and keep on top of the fast-growing hedges all summer. It also comes with a tough plastic blade guard which slides directly over the cutting section, and also a battery charging cradle. Which is nice.

This is a great and very handy tool to have, especially at this time of year. Being able to nab one of these for less than £40 is rare, so if you're sick of those hedges taking over the rest of your garden, go for it.

Check out the whole range at www.aldi.co.uk 

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