17 April 2017

NEWS: Print a case directly onto your phone

Bespoke fit. 

Need a protective case for your phone? You go online, find one you like, buy it, and when it arrives you put it on your phone, right? Well, that is how we do it these days, but thanks to gadget wrap company Slickwraps, soon we could all be printing a case directly onto our phones.

The Slickwraps Contour looks very much like a 3D Printer, but instead of squirting out molten plastic to form a 3D shape, the Contour prints with a 3M flexible material. You simply place your phone into the machine, and the Contour does all the rest; scanning it to determine shape and position, then printing a thin wrap-like case onto it. Check it out:

From what we can tell, the results are pretty impressive and it seems to cling perfectly to the body of the phone. You can choose any colour you want, and Slickwraps have a catalogue of designs you can print, as well as the ability to upload designs you've created yourself. And when you're done with it, just peel it off. That means you could have a different colour phone everyday. Ah, ain't living in the future brilliant?

Visit getcontour.io

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