5 March 2017

REVIEW: Pawbo+

Paws for thought.

We've reviewed a lot of home security cameras in the past – those designed to allow you to keep an eye on all your stuff while out of the house. Obviously, they're a great idea, but not a lot of fun. Fun is something that pets need in abundance, and if you have to leave your pets at home while you're away, you might worry about them getting bored and lonely. Well, worry no more, animals lovers! Simply get a Pawbo+.

Pawbo+ is essentially a WiFi IP camera like any other, linking to your home network and letting you pick up the stream anywhere in the world on your smartphone via an app. Just like many other wireless cameras, the Pawbo+ streams in 720p (which is the lower end of good) and features a microphone and speaker for two-way audio. Looks pretty ordinary so far.

Where Pawbo+ differs greatly from other cameras is how it has been specifically designed to interact with, and entertain, your pets. Seriously. Behold:

Although that video features other humans hanging out with the animals, this is most useful for pets who are left alone during the day. And boy, will they like it. Get this: as well as letting you talk to your pet and hear them bark, meow, chirp, or glubb in return, you can also play a game with them.

Built into the Pwbo+ is a laser dot emitter. This can be activated and then moved around via the app, so you can drive your cat a bit crazy as you wiggle the red laser dot around on the carpet while he tries to catch it. You can't catch it you idiot – it's light! Stupid cats. But, should you deem your pet's efforts worthy of reward, you can give them a treat. And no, we don't mean order them a pizza.

The Pawbo+ has it's own little treat reservoir which you fill before leaving for the day. When you want to give your pet a bit of love you can hit the treat button in the app to dispense a few tasty bits. They scatter just in front of the Pawbo+ so hopefully their enthusiasm won't result in them smashing into the camera and sending it flying. It's a nice extra feature, and saves you having to leave a pile of treats out for them, which they would just scoff all at once as soon as you leave.

The Pawbo app works very well and is nicely laid out. Interestingly up to eight users can dial into your Pawbo+ at the same time, allowing a group chat of sorts with your pets. Also, you can connect more than one Pwbo+ to the same account, allowing you get coverage in other rooms of your house to keep an eye on your animals all day long no matter where they wander.

Pawbo+ is a great idea: taking the existing convenience of WiFi security cameras and adding a pet-friendly touch. If you're worried about your best friend getting bored and missing you throughout the day, this could help tackle that, while also being a great way to keep an eye on all your stuff. The stuff that doesn't poop.


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