4 March 2017

NEWS: These shoes will order you a pizza

Pie Hard.

Pizza... delicious, convenient, and quick. However, ordering a pizza is soooooo difficult, isn't it? Having to either PICK UP THE PHONE or even GO ONLINE AND CLICK A BUTTON. Oh my God. if only there was a simpler way to order a hot pizza. Well, thanks to some crazy marketing by Pizza Hut, there is. Shoes.

These branded 90s shoes feature a special button that, when pressed, order you a pizza. Simple as that. The shoes connect to a smartphone app which holds all the details of your order, allowing you to cut out all the fuss when you really need a slice of pie, and just reach down and squeeze your shoe.

Obviously this all just bullshit marketing, and in fact the shoes have been limited to only 64 pairs to given out to the press and so-called 'social influencers'. Still, it's a bit of fun and basically a new way of showing a video of a tasty pizza. Which would never work on us.

Never. Nope.

Shit, we want a pizza now.

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