9 February 2017

REVIEW: LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros

Tiny heroes.

If we're being honest, we're totally sick of super hero films. Too many muscles, too much bravado, and waaaaay too much CGI. Which is why we've fallen in love with the latest wave of LEGO's Super Heroes Mighty Micros sets. We check the six new cute double packs.

The wave includes three sets from the Marvel line, and three sets from the DC Comics line. Each set includes two minifigures (a hero and a villain) and a two new-build wacky vehicles for them to battle in. First up, Marvel...

Wolverine Vs. Magneto

Look, it's a little cute Wolverine! This was the first set we assembled, with it taking around 15 minutes. Each of the small vehicles contains about 20-30 parts, often very small, and of course four wheels and tyres. Here we have Wolverine in a condensed version of the X-Men's jet, and Magneto in a rolling magnet.

All the figures use the shorter child legs (which don't bend) to give them a smaller and cuter appearance. This means they have to stand up in their cars, although that just helps to make the builds less complicated. Wolverine gets his claws, while Magneto gets a weird magnetic energy shield thing, and a very nice cape.

Iron Man Vs. Thanos

Here we have Iron Man in a rather simple car with four positionable thrusters on the back, and Thanos in a mental fist-shaped vehicle, complete with grabbing fingers. Love the gold on Thanos' car.

You get an extra hair piece with Iron Man, to use him as Tony Stark, and Thanos comes with an actual giant golden fist.

Spider-Man Vs. Scorpion

Spidey's car is actually the smallest and simplest of the 12 we built in this wave, but still looks great and very Spiderman-y. Meanwhile Scorpion's is probably the largest, with grabbing claws up front.

The green tail, that looked like it might be a part of the car, is actually a part of Scorpion himself. He looks awesome with a small scorpion accessory, while Spider-Man gets a spider. Because.

Batman Vs. Killer Moth

Onto the DC sets, and the villain wins our hearts here, too. Killer Moth's car is great, with a moving moth head and day-glow wings, while Bats gets his own (weirdly red?) chopper.

Cutest. Batman. Ever. Look at him holding that batarang - it's almost as big as he is. Again, Killer Moth looks great with his wings and camp blaster. A very fun pairing.

Superman Vs. Bizarro

Possibly the cleverest build, here Bizarro's car is the exact opposite of Superman's, Look, he's even facing the wrong way. Awww. Loving the big silver fists on both cars, too. If you need some big LEGO fists, this is the set to get.

The minifigures look great,also. Superman holds some blue Kryptonite, while Bizarro clutches some deadly green. Nice detail with the reverse print on Bizarro as well. Lots of fun here.

Wonder Woman Vs. Doomsday

Yes... invisible jet! Using a whole load of transparent pieces we get WW's see-through jet plane, and also Doomsday's weird bone-covered death mobile.

Wonder Woman looks pretty badass in this set, complete with sword and shield, while Doomsday has some nice decorative bits and a huge club.

All six sets are quite good value for money considering the amount of - quite rare - parts, and the two exclusive figures, and that isn't something you can often say about LEGO sets. These are great if you're ever stuck for that sweet gift.


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