10 February 2017

NEWS: Steadicam Volt will keep your phone footage wobble-free


Smartphone cameras continue to get better and better, leading to them being used in higher quality films and productions. However, simply picking up your phone and shooting a scene will result in lots of wobbles and shakes as you struggle to keep your arm still and smooth. That is is where the Steadicam Volt comes in, a gyro-operated stabiliser for phones.

What's great about the Steadicam Volt, which is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, is that the inventor the original Steadicam, Garret Brown, is involved. Using a battery powered gimbal the Volt will keep your phone upright and smooth, no matter how vigorously you move your arm about. Currently the project is completely smashing their original goal, with mounts for GoPros and, hopefully, larger cameras on the way, too.

Check it out at www.kickstarter.com

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