9 February 2017

NEWS: Camerada lets you film VR with two phones

Steal another phone if you have to.

We recently reviewed the Kitvision Immerse 360 action cam; a camera that lets you film of dome of footage to be used for virtual reality. However, as good as it was, it was still one lens giving one perspective... unlike your eyes. For true 3D immersion you need two cameras. Or in the case of Camerada, two phones, to create some cool VR footage. Check this out:

The clever thing here is the pairing of two separate smartphones to use as one device, each lens having a slightly different angle of perspective than the other, just like two eyes looking at the same object. Because of that the split screen footage you can watch back in a VR headset if more immersive and a truer 3D than VR filmed from a single lens. This is pretty nifty, so if you have another phone you can use, try it out.

Visit play.google.com

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