24 February 2017

REVIEW: LEGO Super Heroes Hulk Vs. Red Hulk

Hulk(s) smash!!!

We recently had a tonne of fun reviewing the new LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros, so we were keen to keep the party going. Instead of cute versions of super heroes and villains, we opted for ANGRY SMASH SMASH! ARGGHH!!! Yeah... we check out the LEGO Super Heroes Hulk Vs. Red Hulk set (#76078).

This set, from LEGO's successful Marvel license, comprises 375 parts, with two standard minifigures and two very desirable 'big figs'. The whole thing took no more than an hour to assemble, and makes two rough and ready vehicles in which the Hulks can smash into each other. Let's have a look:

The build for both vehicles is very simple, using some Technic parts for rigidity. Both feature stud-shooters an also a mechanism to launch their Hulks into the air on impact.

There is a great colour scheme for the Hulk's car with four big chunky wheels in purple and a lot of other parts in green. She-Hulk sits up front, presumably in the driver's seat, and the whole thing works very well as an actual rolling toy car.

The Hulk's stud shooter is one of those twisty ones that fire very quickly, and it is mounted on a movable arm. Note the toxic waste barrels on the side.

Here you can see how the front wheels are separated from the rest of the car. When you crash into something, the Technic rods are pushed back and those black rubber pieces meet.

This causes the floor beneath Hulk to lift, flipping the big fig upwards and forwards. There is an identical mechanism (albeit driven by a single front wheel) on Red Hulk's car.

There is a great use of subtle stickers on the car; adding a lot of texture and detail without looking too much like a toy daubed in stickers.

Red Hulk's car is a bit more aggressive looking, complete with digger shovel on the cabin front and lights by the single wheel.

Red She-Hulk sits off to one side, Millennium Falcon style, and she has a nice little control panel and her own twin stud-shooters.

The car's other armaments are on the other side with these positionable shooters. Because of that, Red Hulk's vehicle has the same number of stud shooters as Hulk's, but spread out a bit.

Again, stickers are used well here and the car's rear wheels even get dome-piece hubcaps. 

Onto the figures, and obviously the highlight are the Hulks. Despite looking like the same figure with different paint jobs, they are actually different moulds. You can tell with their hair (both very boyband-y), but also on the back...

... where you can see a seam on Red Hulk. Still, both require assembly and have articulation in the arms and wrists, but not in the legs. And no, this is not the same Hulk figure we saw previously in the brilliant Hulkbuster set.

She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk look great with good amounts of detail in the print and nice hair pieces. They also get alternate faces...

...designed, we assume, for use at the moment of impact. Grrrrrr!

In play, the Hulk ejection mechanism works quite well, and most of the times we crashed the cars into each other resulted in one or both of the big figs flying off. As the build of the vehicles is fairly simple and robust, we found that not many parts fall free when smashing them about, which is great for both kids and for parents walking about the house in bare feet.

However, with a £50+ price (at time of writing) we can't enthuse too much about the set, especially when with a price like that you expect to get at least 500 parts. The flipping action is fun, but we can imagine kids tiring of it quickly, and there might not be enough in the rest of the set to keep their interest. Adult collectors will love the figures and few rare parts, but overall it didn't really float our Hulk-boat.

Currently £39.94

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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