24 February 2017

NEWS: The Regulator: Nerf's new select-fire blaster

Select and shoot.

Nerf technology is coming on leaps and bounds. Only a few months ago we reviewed the quick-shooting Hyperfire and the behemoth that was the MEGA Mastodon. Recently revealed at the New York Toy Fair is Nerf's newest blaster to enter the Modulus range, the Regulator, featuring a unique select-fire function.

The Nerf Regulator allows the shooter to select between single dart firing, three dart bursts, and Hyperfire-like auto. As it is an electrically powered flywheel blaster, the Regulator will automatically shoot the number of darts selected, so no more accidentally blasting four darts when you only meant to shoot one. It's a pretty unique feature and the engineering involved shows just how much R&D Hasbro put into their new Nerf products.

Expected later in the year, we're excited to get our hands on it.

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