25 February 2017

NEWS: Re-tuck your shirt no more with S-HOLDER

A gentlemanly convenience.

Does your shirt constantly become untucked throughout the day? Are you repeatedly shoving it back down into your trousers so as not to look like a total scruff in front of the boss? You need to back this Kickstarter project, as the S-HOLDER will keep your shirt tails down where they need to be.

Acting like reverse suspenders, the S-HOLDER wraps around your thighs and clip upwards to snag your shirt. Then as you lift your arms and twist around throughout the day, your shirt will stay put beneath your trousers. Is this the best things ever, or a sign that, as a species, we've too much time on our hands? 

Whatever you think, check out (and back) the S-HOLDER at www.kickstarter.com

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