20 February 2017

NEWS: Record everything with the Senstone wearable

Hear hear.

The Senstone is a wearable device currently seeking backing on Kickstarter that has been designed to record your voice whenever you need to. The gadget, which has already smashed it's funding goal, can be used to conveniently record voice notes and then translate them into text via the connected smartphone app.

The idea is to apparently limit the number of times you pull out your phone; something those of us who take lots of notes, be they voice recordings or not, do very often. The Senstone will therefore aid your focus as it is a simple task of tapping the wearable to start a recording. It can also be used to record impromptu interviews.

It sounds pretty cool, so to give it your backing to secure your own Senstone by the summer, visit www.kickstarter.com

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