20 February 2017

REVIEW: KeepMe Star Wars Fragrances

The fragrance is strong in this one.

What does R2D2 smell like? It's something we've often wondered when watching a Star Wars film. Although the true answer is probably oil and warm circuitry, ask yourself this: what does the essence of what the Star Wars droids stand for smell like? Now you're thinking like a perfumer. We've been sent four different fragrances from the KeepMe Star Wars range. Lets have a sniff.

Before you ask... yes, these are fully licensed official products, endorsed by Lucas Film and Disney. So we've not been conned into accepting the Chinese version of a “Starr Warz” perfume, available down most town markets. What this means is that the people responsible for bringing us a new Star Wars film every Christmas for the next few years have all (in some way) agreed on what 'Light' and 'Dark' smell like. Which is awesome.

From KeepMe Fragrances we were sent three box sets; Revenge, Droid, and the double pack Light & Dark. All four different perfumes come in 50ml bottles. The Light & Dark pack is unisex, while Droid and Revenge are suggested as male fragrances (the company also makes Rey for women and Galaxy which is also unisex). All boxes are really high quality, with the single bottles opening like a book, and the double pack splitting open from the top to present both bottles nicely. Right, let's have a whiff, eh?


Revenge comes in a black gloss bottle with a pump spray on top. It is described as “a dominant spicy aromatic fragrance with woody and capricious dark notes...”. That is pretty much spot on, as, just like a Sith Lord, this perfume jumps right up your nose and attacks your senses. It's very lively, very strong, and (and this is the synaesthesia kicking in) smells like red. Like a God damn red lightsaber blade.


No, not the mix of oils and metals as we assumed previously, but rather a far lighter, tangy, fresher smell. The box says that Droid is... “androgynous, energetic, citric and floral”, and again that is basically what our amateur nostrils detected. The bottle is a gleaning silver, and the fragrance once applied is more subtle than the fiery Revenge. To be honest we preferred it for that reason, and also because it smelled... well, 'nicer'. Like this was the fragrance of something good and positive. Not sexy. Like C3PO.

Light & Dark

This double pack is great way to get two contrasting fragrances in one set, and, as you might have imagined from their polemic names, they are very different. Dark seemed to be like a more subtle version of Revenge, smelling warm and spicy and ever so acidic. It had a comfortable aroma of old wood and, when compared to Light, was much more masculine.

Light is far more feminine and buoyant, delivering a crisp and more rounded fragrance. Again, the goodies win in our opinion, but we all seem to prefer lighter notes with subtle hits of fruit and freshness. However, having Dark alongside it gives you a nice option of changing your smell to something very different, so for those of you , male or female, who like to switch up the smells from time to time, this is great.

So all four fragrances are very nice and should appeal to a wide range of perfume fans. Fans of Star Wars will appreciate them as novelties and the sets do make great gifts. However, that isn't to say that they aren't decent perfumes in their own right, as all four are pleasant and actually do represent the titles they've been given. Check them out.

Individual fragrances £27.50
Double pack £50

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