22 February 2017

NEWS: Nokia 3310 set to return

What? Wait...

Did you own one? Chances are, if you were shopping for a mobile phone from the end of 2000 onward, the hardy Nokia 3310 would've been top of your list. Although exceptionally dumb by today's smartphone standards, the 3310 sold hundreds of millions of units and rightfully earned a reputation for being tough as nails. And, thanks to the HMD, the company that now owns Nokia, it's coming back.

The rumours are coming thick and fast at the moment, but it is widely believed that Nokia will make an announcement of the Mobile World Congress soon about the re-release of the 3310. The questions are now gathering about how the company have updated the phone, if at all. Will the new 3310 be almost identical the one made 17 years ago, making it ideal as a back-up phone for calls and texts (and playing Snake) only, or will it somehow be a jazzed-up modern Android phone that can run apps. Who knows... but the price has been suggested to be around £50, so we're guessing the former.

Which is a good thing. Ah, the memories of holding that chunky little bastard...

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