22 February 2017

REVIEW: Sylvanian Families Boutique Set

Tiny cash at the ready

During our recent trip to the London Toy Fair, we had fun checking out some of the new play-sets from the Sylvanian Families range. Now we've finally managed to get our hands on one; and if you love teeny tiny handbags, you're gonna love this. We review the Sylvanian Families Boutique Set.

The set, which is one of a pretty decently sized range of building sets, contains a modular, open-topped shop, one Sylvanian Families figure, and loads and loads of accessories. If your youngster needs a heavy injection of clothing items, jewellery, shoes, and handbags into their collection, get them this. The whole thing comes pre-assembled, and all you and your wee sprog need do is apply the few stickers, fold together some cardboard gift boxes, and arrange the accessories however you want them. 

The included figure is a Persian Cat Mother, who, like all Sylvanian Families figures, comes with removable clothes and articulation in the legs, arms, and head. The idea is that she is the owner of the boutique, so other characters can visit the shop and buy her stuff.

The shop features fixed shelving in the windows and also movable units, including a display case. There is plenty of floor space to move this around, and also you can buy additional furniture (or you might already own some) to customise the layout further.

As well as necklaces and handbags, one highlight is the actual dress that comes with it's own stand. It's a real dress that can be worn by Sylvanian Families figures, or you could swap it for the one the Cat Mother is wearing. In case she fancied getting a bit more glamorous.

The windows wrap around the right side of the shop, and as the shelving there is also transparent, a lot of light comes in to show off the goods. And yes, that is a tiny little velvet cloth inside the display case.

All the accessories are finely detailed, and the handbags are made from a flexible rubber-like material, so they can fit over the shoulders of the figures. Also, note the door...

...it opens up and leads out to the front of the boutique which is also well detailed. There is a good use of limited stickers along the top of the exterior, and the stuff in the windows looks great.

And remember how we said these sets are modular? The top of the open roof has a thick ledge around the edge, onto which another set can be placed, to create a multi-story building. The dimensions are so that the Sylvanian Families Boutique set can combine with lots of others, and also sit snugly next to other buildings.

There's lots of scope for play with this set, and if your child is assembling a great Sylvanian village, a little shop like this would be ideal. Lots of useful accessories, a nice collectable figure, and a modular setting to customise and explore. Check it out.

Around £30

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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