26 January 2017

REVIEW: Oofos Recovery Footwear

Oo, that's nice...

After a run, or just after an entire day on your feet, there is nothing quite like kicking off your shoes and taking it easy. But simply walking around in your socks or bare feet isn't enough to help those hard working plates of meat recover; you need a slip-on shoe that both supports and comforts your feet. We try the Oofos Recovery Footwear.

What are they? Well, Oofos are are a pair of flip-flop style shoes that are made from ultra-soft foam and are as light as a pair of shoe-shaped feathers. They are intended for use after heavy exercise such as running, or after a long time spent standing up or walking. Basically, if you've got that tired and achy feeling in your feet, you need to slip on your Oofos.

The foam from which the shoes are made is soft and pliable, yet seems to hold its shape throughout wearing. It is comfortable on, and the toe pole that attaches the strap to the base of the shoes is soft enough to never cause chafing. They have very high arches, and at first of felt a bit weird to wear a pair of shoes that lift up to support the whole of your foot's sole, but after a while you notice just how easy and comfortable that makes walking.

They squish slightly under foot, and that is no mistake. Unlike running shoes which are designed to be springy and help you leap forwards, Oofos do the opposite, cushioning and absorbing the impact from each step. They bend and shape themselves not only to the shape of your foot, but also the texture of the surface you're walking on. Pad about on your carpet then step outside onto concrete and you'll hardly notice the difference.

One of our number has been slipping on the pair of Oofos we we were sent for about three weeks now, immediately after each and every run or workout (which has been a lot this month – check out our other January Club reviews). She's noticed a definite reduction in general foot pains associated with overuse and impacts, and also a sense of increased recovery time afterwards. They can also help to reduce stress on your lower back and joints, as your foot is being better supported, therefore the rest of you has to work less when moving. And, if we're being honest, they are just damn comfortable shoes in which to slob about the house.

Oofos come in both male and female sizes, with a choice of designs and styles. If you run a lot, or if you spend all day on your feet, you'll love 'em.

From £40

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