25 January 2017

NEWS: This fish can control its tank and it is coming to flush you down the toilet

Bit fishy.

Poor goldfish; stuck in their little tanks for the entirety of their miserable lives. But wait, there is hope for a bright fishy future... one mankind must dread. This little fish is swimming around in a special fish tank on wheels, and as it moves in a certain direction, so the automated tank moves there too. Behold:

Built by member of Build18 at Carnegie Mellon University (and filmed by someone who doesn't realise that their phone - and the whole internet - works in landscape), the tank uses a camera to track the fish's position, and then moves the motorised tank in that direction. So if the fish keeps swimming to the left, the tank moves to the left. Forever and ever.

Trouble is, where will this end? One day fish might have their own special suits with legs and guns. They'll come after us, won't they? This is the end.

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