2 January 2017

REVIEW: Groov-e EarMOJIs Headphones

Smiley face.

The thing about headphones is that they stop other people hearing what you're listening to and, therefore, feeling. For those of us who like to have the world know our true feelings at any given moment, Groov-e have gone and created the EarMOJIs headphones. Let's have a look and a listen, shall we?

First up, there are two important things to mention: first, that these are headphones designed for kids, and secondly that they are cheap as chips. A pair will set you back just £15.99, and there are six different styles for your young 'un to pick from.

The sides of the adjustable cans feature bright images of emoji faces, each portraying a different emotion. There is 'cheeky', 'love', 'kissing', 'cool', 'angry', and the ones we received to test, 'laughing'. Kids can pick the pair they want and then... we dunno... be that emotion, or something.

To be honest, one pair of headphones with swappable emoji designs would have been good, maybe with each coming with three different sets, but no biggie. Because despite the small size and low cost, the Groov-e EarMOJIs Headphones actually performed surprisingly well, even to adult ears.

Comfortable on for long periods, helped in no small way by the cushioning and flexible band, the 40mm drivers reproduced tracks pretty well, with clear highs and decent bass. They aren't overly powerful and immersive, but we've yet to find a pair of kids' headphones that are – or even should be. They are wired, so there is no messing around with Bluetooth for your kids, and adjustable to the point that both a two year old and a 12 year were able to use the same pair.

A perfect pair of kids' headphones then, and the fact that the kiddos will be able to pick their own design should go down well. Unless your child is a part-time sound engineer for Bang & Olufsen, they really won't notice the slightly flat sound, and they'll be able to wear them for a whole car journey without complaints. Check 'em out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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