3 January 2017

NEWS: PowerRay - the fisherman's drone

Let the robots do all the work.

Angler? If so, the chances are you need a few years of experience to know exactly where and when to cast your line into the waters to bag a fishie. Or just buy the new PowerRay underwater drone from PowerVision and let it find the fish for you while you sit back and enjoy the VR view.

The PowerRay (which comes from the same people who created this awesome egg-shaped drone last year) can reach depths of 30 metres and then scan a further 40 metres below that, searching for the position of fish. You can see what it sees through the integrated 4K camera and watch the footage live on a virtual reality viewer via your smartphone. Oh, and it also feature a fish lure to attract curious fish. So you can better catching and kill them, we assume.

Available next month, the PowerRay has ye to be priced but we're guessing at a big number. Still, if it lets you dominate the waters of your local fishing hole, hurrah!

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