2 January 2017

NEWS: Beef up your Apple Watch with MTM Status

Most manliest case ever?

Apple Watches might be cool, but they are hardly appropriate for outdoors-y people, or for men who are manly, beastly, gruff, bearded, meat-eating, animal-shooting, chest-beating MEN. To that end, Californian watch maker MTM have created the Status, an Apple Watch protective case with added manly extras.

The case, which comes in either weapons-grade aluminium or titanium, surrounds the Apple Watch and offers the wearer the choice of two customisable extra dials. These can fit an analogue clock, a digital clock, a compass, or a digital date reader. And... well, look at it.

It's like something an army general would wear in a sci-fi film. Jokes aside, it looks like it could add a great deal of protection to the smartwatch, while also giving you a hands-free look at the most important feature of a watch - the time. If you fancy getting one yourself, you can back MTM's project on Kickstarter right here.

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