3 January 2017

REVIEW: Aldi Wireless Activity Tracker

No wires, small price.

If you're keen to get fit this month, an activity tracker will definitely help spur you on. However, purse strings tend to be tight at this time of year, and those wrist-based trackers can't half be pricey. Fortunately supermarket Aldi are at it again with another Specialbuy range; filled with kit to get you active AND save you a bit of dosh. One of the items in the range is a wireless activity tracker which we've been busy testing.

The headline for this thing is that it will set you back a mere £24.99 from Aldi stores and online. Cheap, yes... but it still packs a hell of a lot of features that you'd normally expect to find in a tracker of a far higher price. For a start, it features Bluetooth to connect to your phone (using the accompanying app) and a USB charged battery that lasts up to ten days.

In terms of use, the Wireless Activity Tracker (which is made by Crane, Aldi's go-to sports and fitness supplier) can track your daily movements, be they steps walked or ran. It will also calculate the distance you have covered, calories consumed, and also track your sleep. Goals can be set in the app, then your progress can be easily viewed on the LCD screen.

It's comfortable on, using a flexible band with a watch-like buckle closure, as opposed to those press stubs that nobody really feels all that confident with. But, should you wish, you can pop out the actual tracker to clip it to your clothing or carry it in your pocket. It is water resistant (not waterproof, mind) so good for sweat and rain, while the band itself is soft enough to comfortably sleep with.

One thing that also impressed us (and, again, is a feature typically found on more expensive gadgets) was the tracker's ability to store your data for up to a week. This means that you only need to sync it with the app every seven days to save all that info. This is great for those of us who aren't keeping too close an eye on our activity and interested only to get a regular overview.

The Wireless Activity Tracker forms part of Aldi's latest New Year's fitness range, which includes lots of other fantastic bargains. There is an Exercise Bike (£69.99), a Bluetooth Sports Headset (£9.99), a Swing Stepper (£24.99), an Aerobics Stepper (£11.99), Kettlebells (£4.99-£12.99), Fitness Mats (£6.99), the aforementioned Wireless Activity Tracker (£24.99), and a few handy clothing items too.

Available now, you can find out more at www.aldi.co.uk

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