19 December 2016

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers #9

Aaaaaaaand relax...

Go on then, that'll do. Nine weeks of Christmas gift ideas, and nine weeks of us fiddling with all manner of stocking-fitting things. To end off the Christmas present ideas, we have yet another feature with a few more to snag your last minute Xmas inspiration. Have a good one!

Crayola Doodle Delirium

This is a game that will feel very familiar to anyone who has ever played Pictionary or Cranium. Using crayons (Crayola, obvs) and modelling clay, players have to follow set tasks such as drawing something obscure written on a cards, while the players guess. It's easy to start, fun to play, and even younger kids can get involved too. Preferably kids, actually – they tend to be rubbish and easy to defeat.


X-Doria iPhone 7 Cases

Chances are that you know someone who will be getting an iPhone 7 this Christmas. If so, give them the gift of an undamaged expensive gadget by getting them an X-Doria case. We were sent a couple of the latest designs; Gear and Lux – both for the new model 7 phone. They are, without a doubt, some of the prettiest cases for the iPhone we've ever seen (and we've seen a butt-load). The Gear is an all-in-one snap on case with a brushed aluminium panel on the rear, while the Lux features a separate metal bumper that physically clips around the phone. They look great and they offer fantastic protection.

£22.99 each

Varta Minions Flashlight

Without a decent torch, how can a child explore the seemingly unending night? Torches are, unsurprisingly, important to kids, so get them one that will actually stay lit and be fun. The Varta Minions Torch is a fairly simply branded affair, being adorned with a few of the wee yellow chaps from the film of the same name. It features a nice and bright LED, an easy to use on/off button, and runs from two AA batteries – which Varta also make. An illuminating stocking filler indeed!


FLAVR Christmas Cases

Why the hell not? More iPhone cases, but these offer less in the way of protection, and more in terms of festive nuttiness. The FLAVR range of iPhone cases features lots of different designs, but we were sent a couple of the Christmassy ones. They are simple plastic that clip on the back of your phone... and that's it. Use it more for a personal touch of decoration (like a Xmas party your giftee might be attending), but swap it our for something a little meatier to keep your phone in tip top condition.


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