20 December 2016

NEWS: Real life Mech for Xmas, anyone?

Mech my day.

Mechanised armour suits, or mechs, have been a mainstay of science fiction for over a century. From the power armour of Space Marines, to the power loaders of Aliens, there is something undeniably cool about them. So you can understand our glee to discover that they are now a thing. Like a real thing.

For that, and many other glorious technological things, we have South Korea to thank. Robotics company Korea Future Technology call it the METHOD-1: a fully functioning, albeit rough, Mech. Check this out:

We mean, come on! It's only a few days before Christmas but we now know what we definitely want to you all to get us. Go on, call Korea, ask them to build a commercial model, then buy us one. Please.

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