19 December 2016

NEWS: Singapore getting driver-less buses

No more "Move on back!"

If you love your morning wink and nod to your bus driver, WAKE UP, GRANDAD! That is because bus drivers are doomed, if what is happening in singapore is anything to go by. Starting to - literally - roll out in the New Year is a driver-less bus, ferrying passengers between Nanyang Technological University and the near-by Eco Park. All by itself.

The pod-like buses can hold 15 people at a time, have been developed by French company Navya, and are called Arma. Which we're pretty sure is the Latin word for 'war'. Hmmm...

Still, this does now mean that the world has an automated transit system in operation on public roads - not set on rails. So tomorrow morning maybe give your bus driver an extra big smile. Then show him this news story, point at him or her, then run your finger across your throat. What fun!

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