29 November 2016

REVIEW: SmarTrike Infinity Recliner

Sit back and roll...

Babies these days, eh? Getting pushed around on fancy trikes that adapt to their size and are tonnes of fun. Pah! In our day, we had to walk everywhere ourselves, even at just two months old. Going places literally took forever. Still, let's check out one such modern wee-one vehicle; the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner.

Keen eyed readers might notice something very familiar about the above product, and that is because we have reviewed a very similar thing in the past. Earlier in the year we reviewed the SmarTrike Explorer, a five-in-one pushchair/tricycle for ages ten 'till 36 months. We loved that model, with our collective children of all ages enjoying both the laid back ride and indeed the pedal-pushing fun.

So what is the deal with the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner, and how does it differ? Well, in essence, this is the same buggy. There are five age modes to select, from the smallest suitable for babies, going all the way to an independent trike for a three year old – all from the same product. Apart from a slight redesign in the upholstery and details (with the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner, in our humble opinion, looking much 'cooler' than the choice of designs offered by the Explorer), the only new addition to the build is just what the names suggests: it reclines.

Whereas before the seat on the Explorer could be reclined only very slightly, the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner's seat has a far greater range of movement, as well as being thicker and better padded. This now means that, in the earliest stage mode, your baby can almost fully recline to sleep more soundly. And, writing as parents, that is fantastic.

As well as that, the whole buggy seems to transition between the different modes a bit easier than with the Explorer, although that might just be our imaginations. Certainly the whole thing feels a little more luxurious, and according to the small people who sat in it, the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner seems to ride a lot smoother too.

So although you will be paying more for what might seem like an identical version than the Explorer, the SmarTrike Infinity Recliner actually has a lot more to offer parents, as well as being a tad more stylish. Check it out.


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