29 November 2016

NEWS: 10,000 year phone battery, anyone?

Imagine all the tweets you could send...

Smartphones are great - batteries are not. In fact, batteries are pretty much holding our tech development back from becoming truly mobile. But what if we told you that scientists at Bristol University are working on a battery that lasts for as long as 10,000 years? Yes, years - not hours. And it's all thanks to diamonds and nuclear waste.

The research, which is still in the early yet promising stages, is working with a human-made diamond created by graphite blocks used to control the reaction in nuclear power plants. It is this substance that causes radioactive waste, so by using the charged diamond as a small battery will help to reduce the risk of nuclear contamination. Right now the batteries are capable of providing only a very small charge - not yet enough to power a phone - but as energy requirements in our gadgets start to fall, and as the material is further developed, we soon could see all mobile gadgets be powered indefinitely without the need to be charged.

Sure, that'll work great in your phone, but also imagine it working forever to power a satellite, or even a high-altitude drone. Right now, the Bristol University are asking for suggestions for what the new batteries could be used to power, so if you have an idea, tweet it along with the hashtag #diamondbattery.

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