30 November 2016

NEWS: DroneGun takes out naughty drones - safely

Down to earth.

Drones are becoming an increasingly familiar sight in our skies - be they smoothly taking photos, or tearing up race tracks at speed. Just in case a drone should ever be used for naughty reasons - be it an invasion of privacy, security, or as a direct threat to life - DroneSheild has created the DroneGun to defend the skies.

This isn't as dramatic as it sounds, and despite some beefy sci-fi weapon looks, the DroneGun actually sends out focused radio signals at the drone, so as to confuse it and sever the link to the pilot. As most drones are programmed to land safely if connection to the controller is lost, this means that the UAV can be captured for further investigation.

So a safe way to down unwanted drones, without having to use ballistic weapons, or even trained hawks. Which would be awesome.

Find out more at www.droneshield.com

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