28 November 2016

FEATURE: Stocking Fillers #6

Still stuck for ideas?

If so, and as the Christmas countdown is looming, read on. We've gathered a few more random bits into a feature to give you a few gifting suggestions. Less than a month to go now, yo!

Gillette Fusion ProSheild Rogue One Gift Set

For the more mature Star Wars fan, consider this limited edition Gillette gift pack. The kit comes with a Fusion ProSheild razor and three blade refills, all wrapped up in some special Star Wars packaging. And that's about it.

We've reviewed Gillette razors in the past and always found them excellent, so although this set might be missing out on any actual special Rogue One merch, it is still a great way to gift a small shaving set to someone. As well as the smaller set we were sent to try out, Gillette has brought out a larger set, and also specially printed razors with mages of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. May the foam be with you!


Elastoplast Star Wars & Frozen Plasters

Yet more Star Wars branding, and this time 'plastered' over another well-known product. Elastoplast have brought out a kid-friendly range of band aids adorned with their favourite characters from the worlds of Star Wars and Frozen. Yes – now even scraping your knee can be fun!

Jokes aside, plasters are a surprising hit with kids in our experience. Most of the time they're used in play for various medical role-play games, and sometimes they're fun just for sticking on yourself. They can even be used to cover up cuts and grazes, but the boxes will probably be empty before it comes to that.

£2.60 per pack

Wraps Wristband Headphones

Since we reviewed the unique headphones that you can wear, Wraps have brought several new styles and colours. To refresh our memories, Wraps sent us a pair of Core: Space Gray headphones – one of the new designs – which looks absolutely 'out of this world'. Nailed that pun.

Check out our previous review, but in a nutshell Wraps are in-ear headphones that can wrapped around your wrist and fastened together securely. This means that as well as delivering great sound, they are also something of a fashion piece, with lots of styles available to suit different people. The Core:Space Grey are, if we're being honest, far nicer than the previous green colour were sent, mixing dark colours with subtle metallics on the buds themselves.


Energizer Hardcase for iPhone

If you're unable to give a gift as expensive as an iPhone, you could at least help to protect one already owned. The Engerizer Hardcase is a tempered glass screen protector that comes with everything you need to clean and prep your iPhone's screen, before applying it to give a huge boost to the phone's ruggedness. This thing can – so claimed – prtoect against a 1KG weight dropped onto the screen from a height of 25cm.

We've always sworn by empered glass screen protectors, getting one for whatever new model of phone we've all ever owned. This one from Energizer seems excellently put together, being only 0.39mm thick, but still managing to pack in tough Ashasi Glass from Japan.


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