6 October 2016

REVIEW: Loogun

Toilet humour.

Yep, we're reviewing a gadget you use to clean a toilet, so bear with us will ya? Some things are just a bit too funny and silly and we get a tad distracted. Right... here goes: So you've just dropped a massive load... argh! See – too silly and funny. We'll try our best to keep this as clean and as engaging as possible, even though we're writing about a device that blasts poo from the inside of a bog. Awesome. Lets check out the Loogun.

Despite what you might assume by the name, the Loogun isn't a firearm you store in the cistern in case you need to shoot back at someone trying to steal your toilet. No, it is in fact a battery-powered gadget that squirts water, meaning you don't have to use an unhygienic brush to scrub away... you're mistakes.

When you think about a traditional toilet brush, the whole thing is pretty gross, right? We mean, this is a reusable brush that you use to rub poop off of a surface that gets poop on it each and every day, and we just give it a rinse under the flush and put it back. We just leave it there, until the next dollop of poop needs shifting. Gross.

The Loogun uses a small reservoir of water and an electric motor to blast the poop away without anything touching anything else. This non-contact element makes the operation hygienic as nothing is actually touching the smeared bum-waste (tee hee) and then being left to fester in a plastic holder in your bathroom.

Loogun say that the four AA batteries you need to insert will last around nine months with pretty regular use. That's good, and will make the Loogun cheap as chips to operate in the long run. You also don't need any kind of cleaning fluids or chemicals either; you simply remove the reservoir, fill it up with cold tap water, and blast away. The motor will force the water out at some impressive pressure too, so you might find yourself having to top up the tank after every second use.

But does it actually work? Well, yes – when used immediately. So long as the Loogun is used right away after... the incident... it will blast off even the largest of... problems. However, when used for a general clean of the toilet, to shift extremely stubborn... problems... it was less effective, as the water pressure such wasn't high enough.

So this definitely isn't multi-use cleaning gadget per se, but instead positions itself firmly as a modern and far more sensible alternative to the old stinky loo brush.


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